Getting Started

All new learner drivers are required to take 12 one hour lessons before applying for the driving test. EDT students are required to complete an EDT Logbook which will be signed off after every one hour lesson. Follow the links below to ensure that you are ready to begin

Step One: Driver Theory Test

A Driving Theory Test must be undertaken before a person can obtain their first learner driver permit. This is a computerised test consisting of 40 questions. To achieve a pass, you must answer at least 35 questions correctly.
Apply online: or Phone: 1890 606 106

Step Two: Learner Permit

After passing the Driver Theory Test, you must apply for your Learner Permit, to legally drive on the road and begin taking lessons. This cannot be applied for online and application forms are available at your local Motor Taxation Office or local Garda Station. For more information

Step Three: Alliance school of motoring Lessons

EDT Lessons, Pre Tests Specialists, Motorway Driving Lessons

Step four: Driving Test Application

To apply for your driving test, you must have held your first Learner Permit for at least six months and have completed all 12 EDT lessons.
You can apply online at: