Sample Test Questions

Road Markings

A. Alert drivers to danger and must not be crossed unless safe to do so.

A . All traffic must keep to the left. Must not cross

  • In an emergency and for accesss
  • When directed to do so by a Guard

A. Alert drivers to continuous lines ahead. Must not be crossed unless safe

A. Edge of carriageway where hard shoulder is provided. (May be used to allow faster traffic to overtake )

A. Continuous and broken line – also words “No Entry”

Road Procedure

  • You are turning ….Right…….?
  • Your exit is .. Clear…….?
  • Your way is held up by ….Oncoming Traffic.

A. Traffic on the roundabout

A. When traffic is moving more slowly in the lane to your right

When driver ahead has moved out and indicated his intention to turn right

Bus lanes are reserved for buses which provide a scheduled service

2 types. With – Flow (which may be used by taxis and cyclists

Contra – Flow – Reserved exclusively for Bus Eireann and Bus Atha Cliath

A. Already crossing at junction On Zebra crossing

On Pelican crossing with red or flashing amber.

A. Where view ahead is restricted (brow of hill, bend, dip in road, bridge etc etc.)

Zig-Zag lines at Ped lights

Road markings (continuous lines etc)

Night Driving

  • Behind a car
  • Meeting a car
  • Built up areas or special speed limit areas
  • Continuously lit roads outside above
  • Beginning and end lighting up time.
  • Poor Visibility due fog rain etc
  • To avoid inconvenience to others

A. Slow down stop if necessary


  • On Zig Zag’s.
  • Where solid white lines in centre of road
  • On Double yellow lines
  • Single yellow lines during business hours
  • Areas marked as Bus stops, taxi-ranks.
  • Loading bay during business hrs
  • Within 5 meters of junctions
  • Any place vision restricted, ie bends, brow of hill, bridges
  • With-Flow bus lanes during hours of operation
  • Cycle Track
  • School Entrances

A. 15 meters 2 way

On One-way, 15 meters on approach, 5 meters exit side

A. No parking during office hours

A. No Parking during specified times

A. No parking at all at all

The Vehicle

  • 2 Headlamps (white or Yellow)
  • 2 white front sidelamps
  • 2 red rear lamps
  • 2 red stop lamps
  • 2 red rear reflectors
  • white number plate at rear 

A. Moving off, overtaking, changing lanes, slowing down, stopping, turning, opening door

Traffic Lights


Pedestrian Crossing and Zebra Crossings

  1. Pelican controlled by the lights., (PEdestrian LIght CONtrolled crossing,)

Zebra by presence of pedestrian

A. Black and white road markings, flashing amber light.

Road Signs

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A. Red and white and
Blue and white (Mandatory signs – direction traffic MUST take at junctions

A. Diamond, black on yellow

A. Black on orange background

A. Blue background, white writing or symbols

Seat Belts

· Driving Testers
· Police or Army personnel whilst on duty
· Driving instructors
· Person holding medical cert stating inadvisable to do so
· Person less than 150 centimeters in height